Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random projects

There will eventually be 4 boxes total
Random updates.  Finished painting ALL the wands (woot!) as well as putting together all the wand boxes with crushed velevet beds for them (gotta love Joann's sales).  So I spent an hour last night putting shelves into the boxes that will house the wands.  My first plan was to do something more elaborate, but that shortly gave way to laziness, and it ended up just being a basic bit of duct tape and cardboard shelves.  Cause really, they don't need anything else.  I just wanted to be able to get at any wand box without all the others falling down on them.  So those are done.  The next project with those is to get the fancy (completed) wands INTO the boxes (and semi match them by color to the various woods).  That might get done tonight.

I also spent some time cutting and gluing together some very simple pennant flags to use for sports banners for the quidditch field.  I went with a really simple design that I can easily make more of, and each sheet of paper yielded 4 of them, so they'll stretch a bit.  I'm just trying to get all of the tedious stuff that takes a while to cut/glue/craft done so that I'm not doing it all in October.

My very technical sketch
A Home Depot trip was also made to get the styrofoam for the gravestones (yay!) and some pvc and fittings to extend the laundry roller rack so that it will hold the fat lady canvas.  As it stands, the rack is maaaaaybe 5.5 feet tall, and I need it to be at least another foot taller, if not a bit more.  Easiest way to do this will be to extend the already existing pole with more pvc pipe and some T and corner fittings.

Got all the wands IN the boxes--woot!  Also took some pictures of all the elaborate party wands before they all went in the boxes.

"Ash" wood
"Cedar" wood


"Hawthorn" wood

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