Friday, August 22, 2014

Ollivander's Wands

Finished up the sign for Ollivander's wand shop.  I had found a plaque of wood sign at the thriftstore already outfitted with a hanger in the back.  The only trouble was that it was a dark maroon, and it had writing already painted on.  So first up was a coat of black spray paint to cover everything.  It also had 2 metal stars on either side which I just left--stars are wizardy, right?

So after that dried, I printed out the sign for Ollivanders (after a little modification to make it easier to trace).  I taped it onto some tracing paper I already had from pumpkin carving, then just traced over with a pen.  As a last step, I took a silver sharpie and traced/filled in the design.  I had been debating over whether to use paint for this, but once everything was traced out, I realized some of the letters were going to very difficult with a paint brush, no matter how small.  So I opted for the pen.  Very pleased with how it turned out.

All traced out

Traced over with silver sharpie

Sign put up next to the wand display

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