Saturday, September 20, 2014


A few sketches of the gravestones; realistic designs I think.  I want them to be pretty basic ones that I can potentially add on small items before painting.  Most are just basic boxes with a few layers of a stand.  I'm also trying to stretch the styrafoam a bit--though it turned out not to be too terribly expensive, the glue to put them together is a bit more.


The first pass at the gravestones got done today.  Not all that difficult, but they will take some work.  I had done a home depot run to get some proper glue(s), styrafoam, and finial-type things to finish them off.  Mostly it's just the little plastic things that get EVERYWHERE!!!  Definitely glad I confined this all to the garage--otherwise it would be a mess from which I'm not sure I could come back from.  Still need to do a few more--and the longer Lupin one (that I'm using an old shoe rack as a base) still needs to be covered in cardboard, but the rest of them are coming along pretty well.  They also all need to have their wood bases screwed/hammered on so that they don't all blow away.  But I figured I would get the styrafoam done first before having to go get wood.

Made 2 of these--possibly for
the Weasley twins 

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