Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chain stakes and jewelry

These were a pretty important project, if a little simplified.  I finally got a chance to test out these bamboo yard stakes I had ordered.  I sharpened the bottom a little, bent a green paper clip, then duct taped it to the top.  The weight of the chains appeared to be able to held up securely by the pole once it was secured in the ground, but it might have to be just a trial and error.  I think I only need about...12-15 stakes to cover the yard, and the bundle came in a 25 pack, which is great because if some little twerpy kid decides to break some, I'll have backups.  Hopefully these will work--they're the cheapest option I found.  
I also finished a few more pieces of jewelry--just some house colored beads that I was inspired by. 

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