Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fat Lady Backdrop

Day 1: 

All's well that ends well... sort of. Sarah came over and we made a trip to joanns for paint and fabric that--maybe, perhaps--lasted longer than it should have. 

We came back and sketched out the back drop for the painting. Next we slowly blocked out some of the larger color blocks (vines/trees, sky, hills).

During a much needed break we concluded we were too tired for the concentration that the brick work and detailed work the rest required,  but that we could probably hammer out the "Weasley is our King" banner. It's not quite finished as the stencil needs to dry in order to flip it over and do a reverse image on the other side.  May also go over the lion with a sharpie around the edges. 

Completed banner.  Got a bit wrinkled--there was a sudden flash flood and had to drag everything into the house pretty quickly.  

Day 2: 

So the second day of working on the backdrop ended up taking several weeks later (scheduling issues).  Super rainy day that wasn't as much of a hindrance as it could have been, as we decided to take advantage of the (temporarily garage and set up painting in there.  The second benefit of doing this (other than warmth and out of the rain/wind), was that we didn't have to move the canvas afterwards--we could just shut the door and let it dry without disturbing it.  

Today we went back over and filled in the rest of the column, and then did the detail vine work, some trees and bushes, a bit of seascape, just any little details that we could reasonably do.  Still have to add some trailing vines and leaves over the column once that dries, and add a little red to the rooftop of the parthenon structure, but mostly finished.  The bottom half will actually have some stone wallpaper my mom found on sale--we're just going to attach/sew it onto the bottom half.  Which (hopefully) will be much easier than having to actually paint brick work--not something that is in either mine or Sarah's natural skill set.  Very pleased with the result, and once it dries, will be an awesome prop for my costume:)

Day 3

Got the Fat Lady backdrop all finished.  Tacked on the paper brick wall (curved needles are wondrous) and then tacked onto the laundry rack/pvc frame.  Also finished the Fat Lady top (nothing fancy, but it'll work as a greek toga esque thing), so minus a few pieces of gold jewelry, my costume is done. Whoot!

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