Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thriftstore Trip--July

Made a thriftstore/dollar tree trip and came up with some really awesome finds.  I had built a list of stuff I was looking for, and found a few things I really should have put on the list.

First up--the trophies!  Found 2 actual trophies, but without engraving.  I can either leave them blank, or borrow the label maker and make proper labels. Much cheaper than a customized job that I was considering.  At the dollar tree there were medals and cup trophies, so I got a bunch of them, just in case they're not available when I actually need them.

One of my favorite finds was a bag from the thriftstore for $.50, and then some plastic dragons (all different colors and features) at the dollar tree.  So I was able to get a triwizard tournament dragon bag for under $5:)

Next up: possibly a project that won't turn out quite right.  With the herbology section, I wanted to do some mandrake roots.  I picked up some dollar plastic pots, along with some cheap baby dolls that I'm hoping to modify.  I figured having a base might make it easier to convert them--though I do have a few back up plans just in case.

Found some perfect mugs for the grimm project.  They needed to be rather open at the top to allow for ease of designing.  Found five that are all the same type, along with a few at the dollar store.  I'm not sure that every mug has to have some kind of grimm on it--but at least a handful will be cool.  Also picked up some teacup plates for the umbridge cat plates.  I'm a little concerned that they might be too heavy--ideally, I'd like to attach them to a ribbon and then hang the ribbon.  Possibly a little trial and error here.  

This green tray I thought would look nice at the potions table, along with a few potion bottles, and a pot that looked particularly cauldron-like.  

A few cheap fleece blankets in a dark blue for the dragon lair, as well as a most ridiculous 'ron weasley' wig.  

And last, a few plush animals.  A proper owl, and a wee beanie baby lion.  Not sure exactly where they'll go, but figured I couldn't go wrong having them.  And of course, the wrap around dragon that I'd like to have wrapped around the post on the back porch.  

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