Thursday, July 31, 2014

Snitch Sampler

I was having trouble deciding what to work on for my day off this week and as I was going through my checklist, I realized nothing particularly appealed.  So I did a side trip and did a project that I hadn't even considered putting on my list because I had deemed it far too ambitious and well, insane given the number of other projects.  While in the rabbit hole that is the internet, I came across a gorgeous quilt that someone had made with all different scraps of red fabric and a few snitches appliqued on.  I of course immediately wanted one, but realized that it was more than I really had time for.

BUT...I modified a version of it.  Instead of small strips of fabric laid out in brick like form, I went with just strips of whatever red fabric I had.  And instead of several small snitches, I went with one larger one that took up the bulk of space on the piece.  And I made it much smaller.  Not sure where it'll eventually end up, but I've got a few ideas.  It took a few hours all in all, mostly helped by the fact that I had all the material, as well as some leftover binding from the most recent dragon blanket.  It's not quilted--I just put a piece of red fabric on the back before putting on the binding, but I want it to be light, and serve as a wall covering.  I still need to attach some loops or something to the back so it'll hang, but as I'm not sure where it'll go, I think I'll hold off on that for a bit.  All in all, well pleased with how I spent the afternoon:)

Oh, also finished up the extra yellow bean bags (25)

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