Friday, July 18, 2014

Goblet of Fire

Finished Goblet cup
The eventual cup.  Just need to figure
out a stand to raise it up a bit.
Oh dear, the sting of hindsight. Spent an hour or so paper macheing a large balloon partially to create a goblet of fire cup.  Which was actually kind of soothing and reminded me of the dragon eggs.  Anyway, got done and left it to dry while I went in search of last year's ocean lights to use to simulate the blue fire for the cup.  FINALLY found them--ironically in a bin of Halloween that was right next to the Harry Potter bin.  Oye.

I wanted to try out the flames and the light, just to see if I would need to make adjustments or anything, so I grabbed a plastic pot that I had picked up for the mandrake roots and taped on the flames.  It then occurred to me that I could actually just use the pot that is currently on my porch and filled with petunias.  It has a stand and is very cup shaped.  It's also sufficiently big enough to hold the light and still have room to periodically turn on the light after the 1 hour automatic turn-off.

Sooo...bit of a wasted time in making the paper mache cup...BUT it led to something better.  So it's all good.

Ocean lights in the pot.  Not sure how big or how
many flames I'll use, but this isn't a bad start.

Just had a thought on the stand for the cup--the mattress box from my recently bought day bed is....possibly the right size.  Tipped on its side, it would get the cup high enough.  Would just depend on how easily I could disguise it to not look like...huh.  I also have a stand I inherited from my has some dragon figures on it.  It's a little smaller, but it miiiight work.  Hmmm...I think I'll have to go search the garage, see if there's some similar items that might work for a stand.

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