Saturday, July 12, 2014

ALL the coasters!

So one of the prizes I came up with was to make coasters.  I wanted something a little more generic than jewelry, so I tried my hand at making some Harry Potter themed coasters out of plain white tile picked up at Home Depot for super cheap and a bunch of mod podge.

Basically got a tile, quick thin coat of mod podge, lay down the image (printed out on cardstock) and do a thick layer of mod podge.  Allow to dry.  I'm planning on going back over these with a few more coats, as well as a final sealer, which speeds up the amount of time until I can use them with hot items.  Oh, and last step is to attach either felt feet, or just a piece of felt onto the bottom.  I'm thinking hot glue, or possibly the self-adhesive felt feet.

I LOVE the Luna coaster--may have to make myself one to keep.

Also really love the patronus/dementor one.  
More coasters, this time themed with the Marauder's Map

Found this lovely ribbon on etsy, and planning on tying the coasters up with it.  Completes the prize well.  
The Hufflepuff I have to redo.  It randomly got bubbles and started to smear.  Not sure why, as none of the others had problems. 

All tied up with ribbon: 

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