Friday, June 13, 2014

Wand Boxes

The one I ultimately decided to
go with., involving small moving
boxes, holding 12 wand boxes.
One of the things I've been scouring the internet for are some boxes that will fit the wands we've been making.  I was ideally hoping for some necklace boxes.  The problem with these is that most aren't long enough (need 12" long), and when they are, they are usually square instead of rectangular.  I was hoping to be able to use the shoe organizers that Mom found at NPS, but the size of the cheapest boxes that I could find (12x3x3) are just big enough when assembled to only be able to fit in one of the cubbies.  So I've played with a couple options.  I found some small moving boxes at home depot that are 16x12x12, which holds 12 of the wand boxes with some space.  May be able to put some shelving in to make getting at the wands easier, but at this point, it's my best option.

A couple of the options/formations I played with before deciding on the one on the right.

The wand boxes in one of the shelves.  Need to take off the sides, and do a little shelving in there...and wrap the whole thing, but it allows me to stack a few of these next to each other and on top of each other.  Should use up 3-4 boxes, so 36-48 wands total.  
Sketch of the final box formation.

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