Tuesday, June 24, 2014

School Trunks

This was the first draft
This version is what I ultimately went with.
Had a thought that with all the various papers and pamphlets, wands, candy boxes, etc, it's a lot to carry around/keep track of for the party.  So I figured the best way to store it?  Obviously a Hogwarts school trunk!  Already had some brown paper bags from long ago (big enough to store everything).  Added a few strips of paper that looked like leather.  I initially printed out some leather looking texture I found on the internet, and then realized (dur) I could just stop by my local craft store and find some scrapbook paper without using my ink up.  I cut the paper up into ~ 1 inch strips and put them lengthwise on the bag with glue sticks.  While I was at the craft store, I also found some iron on little squares (meant to be used on jeans) but that would totally look awesome as rivets on the trunk and add a little dimension.  The last step was to look up a chest latch or keyhole, print them out, and cut them up closely.  I played with a few layout options for all the elements, but ultimately ended up with this variation.  I also made up some "luggage tags" that had a line for a name to be added to keep track of all the bags.


Finally put on all of the rivets to the 'trunks' and put on ALL the luggage tags.  They're all ready to go--just have to figure out the best way to display them--open or kept flat.

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