Friday, June 20, 2014

Quidditch Logistics

Did a few trial and error experiments with the Quidditch game this evening.  Sam and I tried out taking turns catching the snitch, and doing points with the bean bags.  Learned a few things.

  1. The game is going to be fairly short--like under 3 minutes--because the snitch is found rather quickly.  We also figured out that both of us going after it added a bit of adrenaline and competition into the game, further shortening the time (like to under a minute).  
  2. We're (possibly) going to need more bean bags.  You can throw quite a few in the span of even a few minutes.  I had the whole sack of 40, and each of us was able to throw them all in about a 2 minute span.  So a few options--make more of ALL the house colors, OR assign two colors to each team (like if Gryffindor and Slytherin were playing against each other, Gryffindor might get red and yellow, Slytherin might get green and blue).
  3. We tried a new method with the ping pong balls, which was to throw them all over the grass and then have to bend over and search for them.  I'm torn about this option.  In some ways it makes it much more like a snitch hunt--in others, it's more of a pain in the ass to bend over or crawl around looking for it.  But the time it took to find the snitch was much longer (and by much, I mean ~20 seconds) than if they were just in the box. 
  4. At some point, we had the (perhaps impetuous) idea to get board/roller scooters for the seekers so they wouldn't be bending over.  Also, the way the layout is, there would be 2 sets of hoops at opposite ends, with team members throwing bean bags from opposite sides of the field.  With the seekers and balls in the middle.  There is also some skill in navigating the scooters, so that might extend the game a bit as well.  
  5. We played with the idea of moving the game to the driveway.  The advantages are mostly weather centered.  If it rains (or mostly, has rained) then the grass will be muddy/soggy/nasty and all my prep will be for naught.  If it's on the driveway, it'll at least be relatively dry (as long as it's not constant rain).  The other advantage is that there is no tree, so nothing to get in the way of throwing bean bags.  Also, there are fences and 'walls' that can be decorated very cool to make it look more like a quidditch field that would just be much more difficult to do on the grass.  
    1. The disadvantages to the driveway is mostly just the concrete is more of a bummer if you're bending over.  Although another advantage is that if it gets too dark, the security light would provide some needed light for play.  
    2. We're also considering moving the firepit slightly more onto some bricks on the grass, giving more room on the porch.  Which would encroach on the room for the quidditch field. 
I'm going to do one more phase of testing tonight once it gets properly dark enough--using the rainbow lights in the box.  I'm wondering how much that will distort finding the balls, and it would be less messy than flinging the balls all over.

Okay, just came back from some testing with the lights.  Definitely distracting, and make it harder to see the snitch.  They create shadows so it makes it harder to see what's a mark and what's not.  Might work instead of the scattering of the balls.  Possibly.

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