Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Porch entrance sketch

Just a quick sketch of an idea for the porch entrance. I like the drawbridge idea--not a ramp,  as I'd be worried the kids might trip,  but just a piece of wood on the ground would be simple enough.  The photo booth I would actually probably move up the driveway a bit so that it didn't block the entrance. 

The portcullis I'm not sure what the height should be.  Would be easier to do short,  but wide,  taking up the whole width.  Could also do one large one with a split in the middle they could walk through--slightly spookier.  Given the difficulty with the last one I made,  I'm inclined towards the short but wide option.

Also playing with the idea of adding stained glass windows by taking cellophane and putting white paper behind it to light it up.  Need to do a practice run on it first to see if it would work.  

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