Saturday, June 14, 2014

In chains

Started a few strands of chains from slicing up pipe insulation and gluing them back together.  To buy chain for Halloween is hella expensive, to the point that getting real chain is actually more cost effective, but it's usually way too heavy to do much with.  So when I found this project, I was very excited.  I had attempted this last year with disastrous results (fyi--use the COLD temp on the glue gun), but this year they turned out much easier to make and far fewer burned fingers.  Some will go on my bedroom door for the "Library: Restricted Section" sign, and I'm guessing I can use them kind of wherever--it's a castle, so if I find a blank spot, they won't be a bad place to go.  Plus, they're cheap and easy to assemble, and they look cool.  Found this particular one at Home Depot, which is gray, but I know the ones at Smith's are black, so I think I'll just do some of both.  Also need to see if my uncle wants any for his Halloween this year--he's doing zombies, so some chain might be warranted...

I also got the slightly larger pipe to make it easier to link them up.
**UPDATE**  Thought of another place to use these--to rope off the cemetery so that the neighborhood kids don't trample over the grass to get a look at the gravestones.  I see lots more chain making in my future.

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