Monday, June 16, 2014


Tip: Use SUPER good, comfortable,
sharp scissors, or your hands
will be raw by the end. 
This is about 5 tubes worth;
each strand is 4-8 feet; 8 strands.
Picked up some more pipe insulation today at Smith's.  They have the black kind, 1" diameter (the larger the better for this project).  Four 3 foot tubes for ~$5.  Makes lots of chain.  Not sure exactly where all of it will go except for the library, and possibly roping off the front yard--maybe some for the quidditch game?  And perhaps some on the porch--I'd also love to do a drawbridge of some kind--even just a flat piece of cardboard or plywood with the chains drawing up from the edges would look cool.  Hmm...have to think about that.  Anyway, spent a few hours just cutting them up very thinly (around ~1/2 inch or so), then connecting them with a dob of glue with the glue gun on the cold temp setting (this is important, as if it's on the hot setting, the foam melts and you burn the !@#$ out of your fingers).  Also important--you only have to disconnect/rip about half of the connectors.  With the ripped ones, you connect two whole ones--makes the process go much faster than if you connect each one with glue.

Should also mention that this is a pretty relaxed, easy project--one of the things I love about it too is that this kind of chain I can use and reuse for future years--just have to store it in a garbage bag for next year:)

The ring on the right hanging down is 'whole', so you're only connecting every other link--makes the process go faster.

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