Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bean Bags

Took the first step on a small, but key, project: bean bags!  They're for the quidditch game, throwing them through the hoops.  Now technically, I suppose I could have done a bunch of quaffle looking things, but I figured these would make it easier to keep score.  Found a bit of fabric in ththereant bins that matched all four houses, and made a quick template (about the size of a palm).  Then began to cut away.

I made enough for at least 10 bags of each color (which yes, is a lot, but it means less time gathering them up after each game).  Now it'll just be a matter of sewing up 3 sides, adding a scoop of beans or rice, then sewing up the other side.  Hoping I made them big enough...

Sewed up a couple of these bags--so far so good.  Also pinned a whole stack of them; the going back and forth from sewing and pinning was a little annoying.  I prefer just doing the same thing over and over instead of stopping in the middle.  So I paused and pinned them all.  Next step will be to sew the rest.

Sewed together the last of the bean bags, turned them inside out, filled with a few scoops of pinto beans, and sewed them back up.  Got most of them done except for a couple when I ran out of beans. Will get another bag. And depending on how the game is played, might need more bags. I ended up with 10 each, but there's enough fabric for twice that many. Will know more with some trial and error playing the game.

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