Monday, May 26, 2014

Wands Away!

The wands after having put lots of glue and beads on them.
Have done my first project for this year's Halloween!  Yay!  I had found a tutorial on how to make up some wands using chopsticks and hot glue HERE.

It's basically just taking a chopstick and adding glue to the thicker end, slowly building up a base, or trying to add in design elements.

I was a little skeptical, but they were pretty easy to do.  Though for my next batch I'm going to switch to a low temp glue.  Much of what the time took was waiting for a layer of glue to dry so that I could use it as a base for the next layer--especially the spiraled ones.

I also put on a lot of various beads to add texture, structure, and bumps.  Worked out pretty well.  Next step is to paint them.  I think I'll be a bit cheap and spray paint them a basic solid color--some I'd like to see what they look like white or black.  Then I might think about a second coat of varnish.  They might look a little flat if I don't add a little something extra.  And possibly in between that, some extra paint for variation or if they look too boring.  I finished these ten in about 2 hours.  But again, a lot of trial and error, waiting for glue to dry, and first time uncertainty.  I think I could crank out quite a few more of these a lot quicker a second time.

Painted three of the wands to see what the final look would be.  I'm mostly pleased with how they turned out--but I'm curious about what the brown ones will look like.

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