Monday, May 26, 2014

Quidditch Games

First draft of the ping pong/snitch part of the game.
So obviously you can't have a Harry Potter themed celebration without somehow representing Quidditch, right?  There are a whole range of ways to play the game, from hula hoops mounted on sticks and broomsticks, to Quidditch beer pong.  The hula hoops require far too much energy for my tastes, so I'm opting for the bean bag toss through the hoops version with a ping pong option for the snitch.

First draft of rules for our Quidditch Game: 
  • 2 Teams under a house (possibly with people who have already been sorted?)
  • Most team members throwing bean bags through 1 of 3 hoops (w/ possibly different point system for each hoop)
  • 1 seeker from each team (or possibly cycling through teammates so everyone gets a chance, idk) to paw through a bin of ping pong balls, one of which is decorated like a snitch.  
    • There is some contention on this point of HOW to paint them.  
      • We could paint them ALL gold, and then have just 1 with wings.  
      • We could paint various things on many of the balls--owls, brooms, house colors and emblems, etc.
      • We could do a combo of both--some gold, but no wings, some distracting elements from Harry Potter, then the one snitch with wings.  
And then there should be some kind of snitch trophy...or something...

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