Friday, May 30, 2014

Hogwarts Hallway

So after much discussion and thought I decided to switch from azkaban to a more simple hallway with the educational decrees all over.  It'll solve a lot of logistical problems,  including the room for pumpkins that the azkaban theme didn't have the room for.   It will also mean less worry about knocking things over or large installations.  Am thinking about adding (fake) flame torches though... And possibly a turret...just a small one...maybe...

Mom had a thought on the lights for this.  When cleaning out my Grandma's house, we were sent home with some funky gold hanging lamps.  They might function well as Hogwarts lamps.  And would solve the problem of how to do torch sconces.  Would have to see if they're bright enough, and may have to put some orange or red bulbs in them, but....might be able to repurpose them. *crosses fingers*

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