Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween wrap up

And it all came tumbling down...

Well, Halloween is officially over.  All the outside decorations came down in under 2 hours with many trips to the garbage, and some to the garage.  Had a good turnout last night--about 140 trick-or-treaters.  All of whom had very complimentary things to say about the decorations.  Had a few who even said they came specifically just to my house from a ways away.  Even got a few teenagers who were a little wary upon entering, because they thought someone/thing was going to jump out at them.  Pumpkins went over well, and got to see a lot of reeeeeally cool costumes.  My favorite has to be Nikola Tesla, a girl who put silver pipe cleaners all over to simulate lightning, and a wig and mustache.  She looked awesome!  Wishing I had thought to take a picture!

Getting up and turning on the ocean lights every hour wasn't even all that big a deal--the trick-or-treaters usually came in large groups of 6-10, so there was enough time between groups to head out there with the ladder.

Kept the costume on for most of the night--just took the tentacles off the last hour and a half or so.  But got several kids who read the "Beware the Sea Witch" sign and made little worried sounds.  They also asked if I was Ursula:)

Well, there will still be TONS of stuff to put away once I get back from my trip, but I'm sooo not going to worry about it.  Off to Kauai I go.....

Halloween 2013

Actually went ahead and got all dressed up for Halloween--usually I just stick to my skeleton apron.  But the sea witch arose!  Makeup was done with fishnet and a range or eye shadow.