Thursday, October 24, 2013


Okay, a bit dramatic, yes, but considering that the whole theme started with a first sketch of the angler fish, it's a bit momentous when it finally goes up.  Which was a bit arduous.  Had to bring in a second arch because the tarp was drooping and would have hit kids in the head.  Although scary, not the kind of scary I want.

So he went up about an hour before the elementary school let out and I was cleaning up on the porch (and not seen) and overheard a couple comments about it:

"It's a shark!  No, it's a WHALE!  No, wait..."


"How did they do that?!?"

"Okay you can look, but don't touch!"  (a mom trying unsuccessfully to hold back her kid)

"That is SOOOO cool!"

"Gaaaah!  Soooo creepy!"

And so, I am pleased.  At the very least, there are a few kids who were just as scared of the angler fish in Finding Nemo as I was.  ...and a few kids who aren't quite sure what a whale looks like...


First thing to do was anchor the two sides of the archway with some (borrowed from Mom) bricks.  This was crucial as it was slightly windy, and I purposely made the thing very light.  Next up, tying the other end of the tarp to the top of the porch.  I then ended up putting up a second archway because the tarp was drooping.  The second archway got secured with more bricks and rope.  Also moved the large anemone in place next to it.  Fortunately, it also darkens the inside of the porch, which can only make the lights more awesome earlier in the day.  And hopefully the gobo lights can go on that much earlier.

**UPDATE**   At night

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