Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Supplies run

Stopped by the thrift store, dollar store, big lots, and Joann's.  Main reason was to get some of the supplies that have been holding up a couple of random projects.  Namely, the rocks.  Picked up 20 laundry baskets to provide some basic structure for the rocks, along with some extra balloons to paper mache over.  I'm planning a large paper mache 'party' over the next couple of days.

At the thrift store--found several great funky shaped wooden spoons that I'll either put on the wall near the witch kitchen, or spray expandable foam over the handles and make really funky and then hang up on the wall.  We'll see how it goes.  Could just make an expandable foam thing that has the spoons, and hang that up on the wall.  Found an extra drum lampshade.  If I get ambitious, maybe I'll try and make another mod podge lampshade.  There was also a little kid jacket that is the right size of the costume I'm intending to make for a friend's kid.  At the very least, it'll be a good template, as I don't have the child handy to fit it to.

Also picked up a couple of toys at big lots--a high quality resin skull, and  an animated skull.  The only problem is that I'm not sure how the skull is supposed to be activated.  Motion and sound doesn't seem to do anything.

Side note--grabbed a couple of black plastic tablecloths to use to close off the porch.  But after having put it up to see what it would look like (how many layers I would need), I found that it's actually pretty effective in shutting out the light.  Which is good, but it really does close off the porch a lot more than I thought it would.  Will have to play with this at a couple different times in the day.  Thing is, some of the trick-or-treaters come earlier than when it gets dark.  Like a good hour before.  And many of the porch decorations are kind of pointless without the black light, and darkness to be able to see the ocean lights.  So it makes sense put up the table cloth.

Maybe I could just put it up for carving night and Halloween.  That way it's not closed off the rest of the month, but the earlier trick-or-treaters would still be able to check out the awesomeness.

I've also considered just putting in a few strategic holes in the tablecloth here and there, just to give a hint of what's on the inside.  Idk, will have to play with it a bit.

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