Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Paper Mache Rocks

Now that I have the laundry baskets, I was able to construct the basic shape of the rocks that will be placed on the front lawn, and on the porch.  Got a stockpile of balloons, and using bits of duct tape, managed to create two large basic shapes.

Got a start on paper macheing the rocks.  Got about two layers on one of them before it got too freaking freezing to stay out.  Hailed later in the day, but had been in well before then.  Hoping that tomorrow will be a bit warmer.  This pic is actually earlier on--got two full layers before stopping.  

Went ahead and spray painted the rock.  Considered putting on more layers, but a) it was cold and b) would rather have it all done and drying.  Plus, it was pretty solid when I went to check on it. 

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