Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paper mache rocks--part 3

Spray painted all the rocks today.  The expandable foam had set and was ready to be painted.  Found a really great black spray paint that had a primer and paint, which helped quite a bit with the coverage.  The only minor setback was that one of the balloons popped and left a serious crinkle.  We'll see how the rest of them react, but this might be a problem.  At least the basic structure of the laundry baskets is in place, so the whole thing won't entirely collapse, but still, could mean that I'll need to figure out an alternative at the last minute.

Also did some more kelp, and spray painted the previous one.  Also did a bunch of little dollops of foam with the rest of a can--hoping they'll work as a base to shove some of the spray painted flowers in.  

Finished spray painting the kelp and little plant bases.  Not sure if I'll still want to put up more kelp.  Will have to see if the placement warrants it.

Have made a decision about the lawn/porch placement of the rocks.  Having had several serious rainstorms the last few days--and one of the rocks was left out, am going to just make a 'rock' out of bulky items and a gray tarp.  The paper mache just doesn't hold up--at all.  Which is fine.  It means that all the rocks I've made so far will just go on the porch.  Which also means I won't need to make any more.  

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