Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mermaid Skeletons

Tookwork outouthe first step in getting the mermaid skeletons ready.  Assembled the bluckies, not worknotnot work out so greatthen wrapped the lower half in a white garbage bag.  As soon as I find it, I'll make a slip out of the sheer flesh-colored material and put them in it.  I also made a 'tail' out of pantyhose and a hanger--but need to scrounge around and find another, as well as change out the hanger for a wire one--smaller tubing.

Got a very nice surprise when I opened up the teal fabric I had gotten for a backup.  When I picked it up, I liked that it had a subtle fish scale pattern.  When I actually opened it up, turned out it was suuuuuper bright and shiny, and that it was actually the back side that was being shown.  The fish scales were much more prominent.  Definitely much better than I had hoped.  Completed the first mermaid by making a basic slip cover for the 'tail' and hooked the fin to the end of the feet.

Here's a comparison shot of the back and front of the fabric.

Sam thinks I should spray paint the fin.  Will have to see--paint on panty hose might
Not work out so great.

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