Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jellyfish wrap up

Finished up the bodies of the jellyfish---yay!  Made a run to Joann's (among other places) and picked up ribbon for the tendrils.  Spent an hour gluing them on at points all around the lantern.  Now, it doesn't exactly look like a jellyfish.  It looks like a chinese lantern with ribbon and fabric hanging off of it.  But in the context of the underwater theme, and with a rainbow bulb in it, I think it'll give the illusion of a jellyfish.

All that's left now is to wait for the bulbs (Saturday) and the strand (tomorrow).  

The LED rainbow bulbs arrived, and appear to be as awesome as anticipated.  Plus, they rotate slowly through the colors--bonus!  Strung them up on the new strand (custom one where each socket is 24" apart) and attached the finished jellyfish to them.  Will see how they look tonight!

Checked in with the lights once I got home, and they appear to be working pretty well.  Not as bright as I would have expected from LEDs, but at least it doesn't disrupt the black light, which was a bit of a concern.  The colors change rather slowly, but I'd rather that than go way too fast.  Unfortunately you can't see them from the street, but it'll be a nice surprise for those who come all the way up to the porch.

The other nice thing is that the white ribbon reacts to the black light, lighting up the tendrils pretty well.  

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