Thursday, October 17, 2013

Angler fish final

Finished up the angler fish today. Spent half the day on stuff that ultimately ended up not working,  but I figured it would be a bit of trial and error.  Ended up scrapping the sides, as they just weren't stable enough, and flopped all about. 

For the teeth, I ultimately went with the cut up teeth from the foam sheet (from a $10 foam bed).  The pool noodled was cut down the middle, and the pressure from the noodle was enough that I didn't have to do anything other than stuff the teeth into them.  

The structure of the top was from a pool noodles with wire strung through it, and a few leftover pieces of pvc pipe.  Once the tarps was draped over it, it was easy enough to open up a few circles so that I could put in the tap lights from behind and strap them in with duct tape.  I'm a little concerned how attached these are, but I have a back up plan for the eyes involving string and rainbow lights.   

Attached the rows of teeth to the interior side of the arch, which conveniently covers up most of the ties from securing the tarp.  The pool noodle hanging over the head may have to be cut down a little, and more secured.  But the basic principle I think will work.  Will just have to turn on a rainbow cube light once it gets dark, and attack it to the hook on the end.  And turn on the tap lights.  Some time this weekend, I'd like to see how I'm going to secure the whole thing to the porch.  I'm thinking of just putting the ends of the tarps onto rope and rigging a pulley through the rafters.  But we'll see what works out best. 

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