Sunday, September 8, 2013


Got started on the tentacles for my sea witch dress.  Had gotten some shiny fabric in dark purple and a turquoise-ish blue.  I cut them into matching triangle shaped pieces.  Picked through my button stash and found two sizes of very similar colors and began the arduous task of sewing them onto the triangles to simulate suckers.  The idea is to sew these tentacles to the underskirt of the dress.  I have some heavy gauge wire to mold them into a bit more animation (though I might need a little stronger--the weight of the batting takes a toll on the wire's ability to hold up the fabric).

After sewing on the buttons, flipped the piece over and sewed a tentacle shape with the other, blue, side of material.  Turned it inside out for a tentacle sleeve.  

Stuffed lightly with batting--just enough to give it a basic shape.  

Next, stuck the wire up through to the tip (with a curved piece at the end so the wire wouldn't pierce through)

Fitting it onto the dress will be slightly more complicated--and I'm considering a belt kind of thing--just because it makes more sense for it to be easily taken off.  

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