Monday, September 30, 2013

Lights...Camera...(almost) Action!

Finally set up the lighting.  This is the first serious layer of any Halloween that I do.  The wiring has to go up before anything else can.  First up was to put together THE most important element of the entire thing--getting electricity outside.  I have a socket adapter that screws into the porch light and turns it into an outlet.  I also try and put everything on a timer, but timers only have 1 outlet, so it also requires an outlet splitter.

Socket adapter (~$2 @ home depot)            Timer (any basic one will do)           Outlet splitter

I find it's best to set the timer (and time) before starting.  But once everything is screwed in, it's a relatively easy set up to add more lights.  Once this was working, I plugged in my new 3 socket light strand (after some confusion, finally remembered to click the light ON), and put in 2 of the three black light bulbs (still need to find the 3rd hiding somewhere).  For the gobo ocean lights, I wound 2 strands of wire around their bases and twisted/attached them to the rafters at a crossbeam.  It'll be a bit an an annoyance to get on a ladder to turn them on, but really, it's not that bad.  Only put up two of them, as the third has decided to hide from me.  Perhaps it has absconded with the third black light and they are off making a sweet gobo black light can hope....

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