Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!

Okay, that was a little dramatic.... But I officially started decorating the living room.  Pulled out a couple of bins of Halloween.  I really need to assess what I actually have before I can go out and get what I need.  Decided to do a quick project.  In the past, I've done the light cubes with the polymers, which has worked well, but I was thinking I would try to do something more on timers.  Everything else is going to be very not on timers this year, I'm trying to automate everything I can.  So I took a mid-sized cauldron and made a hole at the bottom, just large enough to fit a light bulb through.

Next, I took an old glass I didn't mind sacrificing, and taped it over the whole with duct tape.  Couldn't find the black/dark, so had to make do with the gigantic roll of white I bought at home depot today.  I put a socket with a red bulb up through the hole.  The main thing is for the glass to be clear, and fixed securely to the bottom--so that no water leaks under it.  Will have to rehydrate some polymers, and possibly get some more, but I'd like to get the witch kitchen so that all the lights can be turned on automatically with timers.

I also started putting out a couple of the basic things I pull out every year.  

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