Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ice King Costume

Helped a bit with an Ice King costume for Sam's friend.  We took (my) white bed sheet and dyed it a proper blue.  Then measured and pinned it into a poncho shaped tunic, then did a couple of (mostly) straight lines to achieve a basic tunic.

They had found a very cool mask, and I had previously picked up a length of shaggy white material for a beard.  They also created a basic crown out of paper and glitzy foam.  We already had some latex gloves, and voila--Ice King.

There was of course one small accessory missing--a Gunter penguin.  Sam had bought some felt, and I took a crack at just doing a basic one, with the felt sewn down.

Turned out pretty cute, and so they put it underneath the beard so they could flash people with it.  We put a safety pin on the back of it so he could move around though.

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