Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Natalie's got a gun...

Aerosmith running through my head for this project....

...anyway.  This one was for Natalie, possibly for comicon coming up, but otherwise for Halloween.  She's being Rose Tyler a la Doctor Who, and in need of a gigantic space gun.  So we first hit up the d.i. and rummaged through the kid aisle, looking for a basic water gun that we could modify a bit.  Found several, but the best was pretty large, and we ended up only having to add on a few things.

Here's Natalie looking extremely excited....this was after we had fired up the glue gun, so this might partially be the result of the smell of hot glue in the air.

Took a couple pieces of pvc pipe from last year's Halloween gate and hot glued them together to form a four barrel large tube.  Or as we later referred to it--a sniper's barrel.

Once the 'barrel' was solid/dry, glued it onto the tip of the plastic gun, eventually taping over it as well to hold it secure.  

One of the coolest things we added was several buttons found in my miscellaneous button box--we glued these into the screw openings and served two purposes. First, to hide the screw holes, and secondly, to add some color and detail.  As far as painting the gun went, we first ended up having to put down a layer of black acrylic paint, which was the only thing that would stick to the slick plastic.  We went over it with a second coat of the metallic black paint we had originally bought.  Here it is partially painted.  

And the finished result

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