Sunday, September 1, 2013

LSP Costume

So Sam has commissioned a Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) costume for comic con that is coming up next month.  After talking with Sarah about it, we've been able to get fabric and a general plan.  The skirt will be a basic tulip-esque design--puffed at the bottom.  The top is just a tshirt that we've dyed purple to match the shade of the fabric, but with puffed sleeves sewn on, and some alterations to the neckline.

Here is Sarah washing the tshirt to ready it for the dye....And here am I having reached the exact shade of purple of our lavender fabric.

Lots of sparkly lavender fabric.

Sewing up the waistband for the floofy skirt

Pinning tulle to the collar
Threading elastic through the skirt

Phase 1 of skirt: completed.  Next up, pinning the sleeves.

Phase 1 of shirt completed.  

And now for the fitting.....

Looking like a carnival dancer--sleeves too long

Mostly done--skirt raised 12",
sleeves cut in half/poofed.
The back

Finishing touch--ribbon around collar with decorative stitch in darker thread.

So it seems that a bag was needed to haul all around Sam's stuff, and that wouldn't clash with the costume. guessed it---bag making time!!  Found a relatively simple pattern here. Sam provided fabric, and I got to do my first fabric applique--very exciting!  And not as difficult as I anticipated.  

Appliqued a big yellow star onto the front of the bag.  

Did a lining (partly because the purple fabric was pretty thin) and a pocket because...well, pockets are cool.

Some slight confusion on assembly, but for the most part it was easily constructed.  The straps I made extra long, due to the fact that they'll have to go around large puffy sleeves.  


Sam got her wig in the mail and it really does complete the look...which is awesome.  Add to that some fake eyelashes and makeup=epic. 

Sam got many many pics of her LSP costume taken at comic con.  Successful costume! At comic con:

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