Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lighting and Fluorescent Paint

One of the things I've learned in researching blacklights and what reacts to blacklights is the difference between just neon items, and UV reactive items.  The two are very different--especially when it comes to paint.  I've been a bit nervous about buying different types of paint without knowing they'll actually be shown off by the blacklight.  But as luck would have it, I was cleaning out the craft room and came across a can of green fluorescent spray paint.  Decided to spray the masking tape and wire coral...thing, I was toying around with to see if it would light up.  IT DID!!  So now at least I have one brand/type of paint that I know does light up around blacklights!  Yay!!

The other item that I had bought came in the mail awhile ago, but finally found the perfect spot to put them--in my overhead lighting, which I normally don't use.  These are color changing bulbs that can be put in a regular socket, but are changed with a remote control.  They have low wattage, so they're environmentally friendly, and they (supposedly) have a long battery life--51,000 hrs.  Also, there are 16 colors (derived from various combos of red, green, and blue), as well as 4 settings that can rotate through them.

The other awesome thing about them is that they're rather cheap right now on Amazon--$4.40 as of today, which is a bit cheaper than a normal party light bulb.  The only downside to them so far is that they're not particularly bright--of course, if you live for the ambient lighting like I do, that's not so much of a deterrent.  I showed them to Sam, and much excitement ensued.  So we've now bulk ordered a bunch and I think much of the house will soon be one giant rainbow.  

**UPDATE** The bulk package of bulbs has arrived!  Now the 'rainbowing' of the house may commence! 

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