Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinosaur Tails

So this project doesn't exactly belong on here...though I suppose it could be a Halloween costume.  Oh well.  ANYways, saw a really cute project and instantly thought of my friend's kid, who will be 2 in a couple months.  This is the original idea.

And I got an itch to try it, so I went with another, similar, pattern , but that had spikes that were a little less floppy--they were designed more like small pockets that could be stuffed.  

First, after cutting out the pieces, and with 4 slightly different sizes of spikes, pinned them to both sides, and sewed a line all along the edge.  

After the line was sewn, ironed the piece so that the spikes were standing up.

Did this to both sides, then pinned them together right sides together, making sure to match up the spikes. 

Sewed all around the edges, going in and out of the spikes, then back around the other (bottom) side.  Then I turned it inside out, poking out the spike pockets.   

Next, made the straps--just a couple lengths of fabric with some velcro sewn on.  Made them in a tube like manner so that the seams wouldn't show.  Sewed them on to the sides of the completed tail on the right side, but with the velcro facing on opposite sides (so they can be strapped over each other for a tight fit).  

Next, stuffed allllll of the spikes, and the tip of the tail with a pen.  Left a couple handfuls of fluff out from the top, just to make it easier to sew on the top.  Sewed a circle of fabric onto the edges (right sides together), but leaving a few inches open to stuff the last of the batting.  

Finished stuffing the remained of the tail, then took a needle and thread and whipstitched the last of the opening.  

All complete. 

And now, on Kathryn:

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