Monday, July 15, 2013

Sew Witch Hair Accessories

Had trouble sleeping last night, and instead of just trying to do soothing things to help sleep, I sat up and sketched a bit. Had been thinking about the wig for the sea witch, the hair, etc. Plus, had a bunch of pearl beads leftover from some project or other. So here's the sketch I came up with--not sure of the logistics of some of it--depends on the wig I eventually get, which will depend on how well the lace that I got dyes.

**UPDATE** Well, as it turns out, this is one of those projects that could have been left safely on the drawing board. Completed the project this afternoon, and maybe I'm just not seeing it put together, but I'm inclined to ditch it. Now I'm considering just stringing a bunch of strands of pearls and clipping them into the wig. Easier ultimately. Oh well.

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