Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sea Witch Hair

So If found this image of a woman doing something rather clever--gluing on fake rats to barrettes and just clipping them in her hair. Also...very creepy costume to perhaps use in the future....

Which actually is rather brilliant. If I take various shells/starfish/etc. and just glued them onto barrettes/clips/etc. It would be much easier to arrange either my own hair, or a wig (I'm leaning towards wig) rather than tying them on, or gluing them to the wig. Plus, I can make them far in advance.

On the wig front, I've found a couple on Amazon that look pretty cool--just not sure which direction I want to go.  Here are a couple that I'm looking at: 

I could honestly go either way on this--creepy dark, or just leave it a little more non-threatening. The anglerfish is going to (hopefully) be pretty intimidating.

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