Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sea Witch fabric

I'm really hoping that setbacks only come in threes.  So I took a stab at dyeing the lacy fabric that I had gotten at the thrift store--turns out, it's likely totally polyester.  At first I thought that it took the stain/dye really well, but when I went to rinse it in cold water (as per the directions), the lace instantly turned to white.  Fail.  So then I thought maybe if I didn't rinse it, but just hung it up to dry outside, it might retain some of the dye.  Just went to check on it.  Fail.  It looks like all the dye has dripped away, and the only thing that can be said for the whole endeavor is that the lace is no longer a light pink color, but rather a dingy white.

So now I'm thinking about going for a more raggedy/quilt like costume.  Use the same concept in design (two pieces of cloth that drape over my arms and joined in the back, with a clasp in front, with the sleeves rutched up a bit)  but maybe collect a bunch of different remnant fabrics.  Or I suppose I can just use a coupon at Joann's one day and get a couple yards of fabric.  It would have to be at least 4 though.  Maybe I could find a green lining that wouldn't be too expensive.

The other (minor) setback is that I was looking through my light boxes and trying to find the socket outlet that turns the porch into an outlet.  It's the single most important element in my Halloween setup, as I have no outside plug.  But (I assume) that this is relatively easy to replace via a Home Depot run.

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