Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sack O Shells

Gratefully received a sack of leftover shells from Mom today and after channeling Gollum momentarily, went about pawing through them to pick out some of the nicer ones. So far, there are lots of lovely large clam shell ones, but I think I'll try and pull in some of the funkier shaped ones as well.

Also had a thought for some of these--if I glued them all together in this pattern and then glued that to a barrette, it could look really pretty on the back of the head/wig.

Finally tried out the black light on the porch tonight. Throws out practically NO light. Will have to see if the blue light bulb is any better. Then again, I did find my old tubular florescent black light. There might be enough black light from that to pick up some of the things on the porch. As with any lighting for my Halloween porch, my requirements come down to a couple things.
Kids have to be able to see where they're going. If they trip, they're likely to trip into my pumpkins and smash them. Errr, also, they will harm themselves...which would be worse...
Parents have to be able to not lose sight of their kids if they don't come up to the door with them. Most of the parents accompany their kids, but some don't, and although I think our house is on the 'safe' house list, better to not ramp up paranoia.

There has to be enough light for ME to see faces. It helps that I have a gigantic front window, but even then I like to be able to see costumes, and for them to see me. It's part safety issue, and partly so that I can better enjoy the trick-or-treaters.

So my options for lighting now are to either go with a blue porch bulb, and depend on the florescent black light. OR use the black light and see if the ocean lights will compensate. OR add in another light source. But adding in another light source is tricky with black lights--add too much of another and they'll not be able to properly light things. Will have to consult Sarah on Saturday, as much of what the foam backdrops will be painted as depend on the lighting....

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