Saturday, July 20, 2013

Portable Blacklight Possibilities

Been mulling over the blacklight dilemma, and may have found a solution. Or perhaps, part of a solution. I found some portable blacklights on amazon for ~$7. They're ones used to investigate stains in hotels and such. (Though why on earth you'd want to have that knowledge is beyond me. In such cases, I tend to side on the 'ignorance is bliss' category) I'm thinking they would be useful to place at strategic points both on the porch, and the frontyard. Their main draw is that they're battery operated. I love the idea of timers and such, but maybe this year I'll have to branch out a bit. I can still put the pumpkins on a timer, but the ocean lights are batteries, mostly due to the way they have to be positioned. Anyway, I ordered one of the blacklights, and am going to see if it's worth getting several more.

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