Monday, July 8, 2013

Porch Plans

Another sketch for the porch. More like doodling. No real plan was being sketched. Or at least nothing new. But I've found that it's one of the better ways to go about getting ideas. So I emerged with the thought that I could do a lot with some rock structures--maybe something relatively large, perhaps with a pvc structure. I'm thinking the bloody fish entrails will work well. And I'm warming to the idea of dressing up like the sea witch. The hanging kelp I'm hoping I can get away with using the ivy that has been so useful in the past. Also bought some pool noodles at the dollar store. Should go back soon and stock up though. Only got ten on this trip--I was getting other stuff, so I couldn't carry as much. As to the kelp, also had a thought about attempting freestanding kelp--pvc pipe with fabric and leaves. (Possibly too complicated/elaborate...)

It's not super clear, but the seaweed and coral are supposed to be flat and made out of the expandable foam. Lighting wise I'd like to see what a black light in the porch and some neon painted foam will look like. Plus with the ocean waves. Also have to start looking for a thin plastic to enclose the porch. I don't like to entirely cut it off, because a month is awhile to go without seeing out the front window, but maybe a cheap table cloth thickness. The water lights just need something to cast on, otherwise they don't look so hot. Also, it's cooler if the porch looks menacing from the sidewalk.

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