Thursday, July 11, 2013

Poodle Noodles

Took a trip to Thrift Town and found some gauzy material for making corpsy mermaids and binding their feet into tails. Also got a deal on several yards of lacy material that I'm planning on dyeing--maybe black, or maybe different shades of green--for my sea witch costume. Figured I'd try and keep it simple, just wear an old dress I already have and add in the lacy material slightly draped, and as a shawl.

**UPDATE** I'm now considering including some cloth tentacles pinnned to the bottom of the skirt/dress I wear--fabric maybe, but with wire in the middle to be bendable. Just to hint at the sea witch nature. Also, would like to include some gold beads hanging about in the hair/dress--harking back to the little mermaid sea witch version I grew up with--the dark one with lots of death. Now that I think about it, I think I've got some sea charms in my bead collection I could make into earrings.

Also found some more pool noodles (try saying that five times fast), this time in blue. The count is (I think) around...27 (?) Should start playing around with those soon to see how many a giant anemone will need. They're still in supply at the dollar store, but I suspect that will quickly be a memory.

Also found some really cute plush clownfish I can hang from the rafters, do a little school of fish. Perhaps running away from the shark plushie I'm planning on borrowing from Sam.

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