Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ocean lights setback...sort of.

Did a test on the ocean lights today and discovered a slight fault.  I hooked them up to a timer and checked to make sure that they went on and off when the timer clicked on and off.  They didn't.  This is a bit of a setback, as even if I ended up using the adapter with them, they wouldn't automatically turn on with the rest of the lights.  I kind of knew this was a possibility, but I'm glad that I've at least confirmed it now, rather than say, in October when I've run out of time to figure out any alternatives.  On the upside, they will turn off, so even if I had to push the button on them to start it, as long as they're connected via adapter, they would turn off.  And that's actually a lot of the reason for the timers.  So it's not a total setback, I can work around it.

In other news, my portable blacklight arrived today.  The light it emits goes farther than I thought, which is good.  I figure at the very least, I can use it to put behind some spooky drinks/liquids either on the buffet, or witch kitchen (assuming I do something similar again this year).

I think what I'd like to do tomorrow is hook up all the lights and see what the conflicts are between the blacklights and other blue lights are.  The string of blue lights arrived a while back and I'll put those on the porch ceiling, and start with putting a blacklight in the porch light.  Then position the ocean lights at various points, depending on how much light I need.  Debating about borrowing a scene setter, or putting up a light tarp on the inside of the porch to make sure I get a comprehensive view of what the lights will look like.

Also up tomorrow is an attempt to dye the lace for the sea witch material.  I obtained a fabric dye, and am just hoping that the lace isn't pure polyester *crosses fingers*.  I went with "olive green"  but I may have to get another of them, as this little packet says it only dyes enough for a large tshirt.  Of course, if I was going for a lighter shade, I could just use more water and put in the whole lot.  I guess I'll just see how it goes.  I'm really hoping that it'll take ANY of the dye.  If not, will have to look for other alternatives.

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