Saturday, July 13, 2013

Home Depot Run

Did a run to Home Depot to pick up some foam--Sarah has graciously (foolishly?) agreed to once again be my partner in crime, and next week we get into making foam backdrops for various sea scenes. Yay!! Got 6 cans, cause really, once you're into the foam, it's hard to stop in the middle and get more. Plus, there's much with foam to be done.

Also checked out pvc parts just to price stuff. I think it's going to be an easy way to make movable/light rock structures. Picked up 2 light bulbs--a blue one, and a blacklight. Not sure which one will eventually end up on the porch. The blacklight would be awesome with spraypainting things neon, but it might not cast enough light.

Also picked up some gloves and shoe booties--cause the foam stuff is nasty to get on your skin.

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