Saturday, July 20, 2013

Foam Day!!

Foam, foam, everywhere! This was the first push to get some of the foam items done. Sarah came over in the morning, and we set to work just playing with the foam, and in the meantime trying to get our squiggles to be mostly sea critter shaped. We were semi-successful.

We cut up several garbage bags to use as mini-tarps, sprayed down with pam to make it easier to come off the plastic.

Some of our attempts: 

Started with 6 cans of super shaken up foam. There may or may not have been small dance breakouts each time a can had to be prepped...

And we went a little starfish crazy...

Also did two large and long seaweed-esque/kelp backdrops. Which turned out much more awesome than I thought they would.

The last of the foam we ended up using on several small mounds (sea urchins?) which may have to be artistically painted to get them to look like something.

And because the foam actually went pretty quickly (and because apparently we're masochists) we opted to work on the sea anemone project. I had bought several dozen pool noodles for this very purpose. We took some chicken wire and made a basic frame (aka, we hulked together a strip of chickenwire into a floppy sphere) Next was splitting and cutting the pool noodles. Partly to stretch them for the project, and partly because a whole one wouldn't fit into the chickenwire. Note to self on cutting up pool noodles. Instead of cutting with scissors, just open one of the scissor blades and score it--easier/faster/makes a clean line. So we cut the noodles lengthways and in half to make 4 pieces out of one pool noodle. This worked well, as it took a lot to fill out the chickenwire and make it look sea worthy.

It was after this was completed that we realized how freaking hot it was and scurried back inside to cool down. We actually got a lot more done than I had anticipated. We went through all 6 cans of foam, and I think took care of a large bulk of the foam. Might need a few more cans for either touch up, or a few more pieces, but it stretched pretty far, considering. All in all, we ended up a bit tired, but not totally exhausted, and neither of us got heat stroke. I'm counting that as a win!

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