Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Summit Meeting

So Sarah came down to rescue me and my car (much good karma sent out to her), and stayed a bit to go over some plans. And the notes from that meeting:

The structure of the anglerfish; the bones were discussed, and the best way to anchor the (probably) top-heavy mouth/head. Two possibilites: The first was of building two pvc cubes that would attach to the sides of the trellis to provide stability. (my idea)

The second (likely more stable option) would be to anchor the trellis' themselves together, and then to the porch, distributing the weight away from the top heavy section. (Sarah's idea)

We also talked about some of the bigger projects to do. One was the several rock structures that will be in the front yard, as well as a few smaller/thinner ones on the porch. The idea is to construct pvc cubes, and tape on balloons which are then covered with paper mache and painted.

Layout wise, we would do maybe 2-3 large ones in a semi-circle towards the edge of the yard nearest the driveway. Within that circle would be any sea critters we could make, as well as a mermaid skeleton. Also dotted throughout would be some foam backdrop kelp/seaweed/coral.

I'm also going to attempt a large sea anemone made of pool noodles and chicken wire. I should at least attempt this soon so I can figure out how many more pool noodles will be needed and get more before summer ends.

As an alternative plan b, we also discussed the possibility of adding in a small part of a pirate ship--just the ship's wheel and a skeleton dressed up as a pirate. Made out of one of my old garden displays, I think it could be a good alternative project if everything else works well, or if the rock structures don't turn out cool.

Also briefly discussed the costume and yards of lace I obtained for a bargain down at thrift town. We decided that making them into a kind of coat (after dyeing them) and bunching up the sleeves a bit would be the easiest option. This is always key with costumes for me. Anything that relies on makeup is likely not going to happen. And I'm fine with elaborate, but it has to be easy to take off, otherwise it doesn't work for me.

And for lack of a camera, I neglected to get a proper shot of Sarah merrily swinging about bedecked in lace. A camera shall be gotten next time, as it was a lovely and ridiculous sight!

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