Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Sketch of the Season

Ah, the first thrill of planning out a new Halloween theme. This year is a bit more conventional--a haunted, underwater pirate ship. But I'm hoping to add some elements that are a little more out of the box. With that in mind, the first few sketches of the new Halloween season:

The angler fish is one of the scariest underwater images that comes to my mind.

So I thought I'd make a gigantic one that will be the entrance to the porch. Haven't quite decided if I want to go with the idea that the rest of the porch is INSIDE the fish, or not. The teeth will probably be a mix of materials--the hanging ones need to not knock people in the head, but the lower ones need to be able to stand pretty sturdy. The scales/actual body I'm trying to veer away from just doing a massive paper mache project--which was my first impulse. But that would be heavier--and it has to fit ONTO the trellis. Plus, freaking large/long paper mache project. Also, sucks to store it when it's done. So I'm considering instead the use of nylon fabric (waterproof) with some sharpied scales, and a large amount of pool noodles, or pvc pipe for the frame, and draping the fabric over it. There will have to be a bit of a facade, as I need it to partially stand up for the eyes, and to connect the pool noodle/chinese lantern with the glowy light thing. (Note to self--find out correct anatomical terms of the angler fish--easier to refer to than 'the glowy light thing')

Other elements will include some background/scenery (seaweed, coral, random fish, shells, etc). I'd like to construct part of a ship (possibly use my iron garden display as a partial of this) then possibly put my skeleton propped up against a ship's wheel, dressed as a pirate/captain. Ideally, I'd like to anchor his hand to the door via pulley and have him wave at trick-or-treaters as I open the door. I'm also toying with adding in a sea witch element in the kind of blank spot to the right side of the porch. I've been wanting to do something with the wig head display forms--a sea witch would fit the bill.

The current problem I have is how to create lights that mimic water/underwater. There are expensive machines (gobo) that can accomplish this, but I'm hoping to find a poor man's version.

**UPDATE** Well, after some Amazon searching, I found a possible solution to the light problem, which had actually been weighing on me. I've found that lighting is one of the most important elements in setting up a Halloween scene. Many flaws can be covered up with having lights that create an atmosphere. This device promises mobility (batteries) and projection of underwater light movement. The reviews are mixed...but it's cheap. Ordered one and will see how it works. If it's not too bad, I can order a second one to cover the whole porch. *crossed fingers*

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