Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chipping Away

I think I've figured out a couple solutions. I was browsing around for some lanterns with which to make some jellyfish at the paper lantern store and found that they also sell strings of blue LED lights for a reasonable price given the number of bulbs, and that they're LED. The nice advantage about these is that they take up much less electricity, and thus less likely to overload circuits. Also, they're super bright. So I think they'll do very well if I string them up on the roof of the porch, add a lot of brightness, which has been a concern.

As for the white lanterns, I'm planning on tying up a rainbow light and putting them in these little Chinese lanterns, and getting a bunch of ribbon, or perhaps fabric from the store and making jellyfish tendrils. I got about 10 of them at $.80 a piece, and I'm thinking a swarm of them just as the angler fish mouth ends. And the tendrils just low enough that they brush the tops of people's heads. I also got some fishing line to hang them with. May go to Joann's and try and find either fabric or ribbon that is reminiscent of bio-luminescence.

Oh, also Sarah had a good thought about how to anchor the trellis sides so they don't go blowing away. In the past I've used just a large brick, which is more or less successful. Her thought was to instead use large 5 gallon buckets filled with water. Easier to move--just move the buckets, and drag the hose over. Plus, I have more access to lots of buckets.

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