Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Witch Kitchen Setup 2

Got a bit farther on the witch kitchen--partly because I found the box in the garage that had all the leftover stuff from the witch kitchen from last year. The main addition is the music stand I borrowed from Sam--it's the perfect height to hold the spell book. The pot with the hand in it still has to have some dirt added as well as a marker marking it as a growing zombie. Also need to shift some bottles around--most of which dont' fit in the larger shelf, and have to go on the table. I may end up switching around the shelves so that I cam maximize the amount of space for the larger bottles. Still reworking the layout, and definitely need to get something to lay underneath asap.

I also found the cauldron which still had the dehydrated red polymers from last year. I've added water to them to get them hydrated, so they should be ready in about 24 hours or so.


Moved around some of the layout and have gotten it to a fairly workable one.

The polymers in the cauldron have hydrated rather rapidly, but I'll definitely need to replenish them. I remembered, belatedly, that I had used some of them for makeshift icepacks when Sam had her surgery. Then had to throw them away when we were done with them. So will definitely have to get more. 


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