Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Shopping 2012

Went shopping for pumpkins (and a few other things) today. Found these at Smith's for $.19/lb which isn't the best, but they do have awesome stems, and a couple of white 'ghost' pumpkins which I haven't tried before. I'm thinking I'll do the Avenger's emblem on that one. Also actually remembered to buy the pumpkins first then groceries (I got that mixed up last year) so they didn't even crush the chips.

In other news, I have put back up Audrey II and the Cemetery after the terrible windstorm that knocked down everything. I've used up much duct tape and taking everything down will be a little terrible, but I'm a bit more confident that I won't lose anything to the wind. Also found a strand of battery operated rice lights I put on the fence (with the battery wrapped in a plastic bag and duct taped shut) so I'll see how they look tonight.

Debating about whether or not I want to carve tonight. Ideally they're usually done by carving night, but it's a bit early this year (or rather, far from Halloween) so I could potentially keep a couple to do afterwards. So many to carve...so little time...

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